Pricing for Agencies

AdLuge Is build for Agencies. We believe you should be spending more of your time improving theresults of your clients, than gathering valuable client data

Agency Pricing

Agency’s pay a flat fee on a per account basis. This flat fee unlocks the 2 main components of AdLuge.
Complete Client Management Portal
A Small Business “Starter” Account for each of your clients.
Up to 25 Accounts
Per account
Up to 100 Accounts
Per account
Up to 500 Accounts
Per account
Up to 1000 Accounts
Per account

For Your Clients

Your client base will have the ability see the power of AdLuge at no charge at all for 30 days and if they fit within the “Starter” service levels the price will remain free. Your client base has a wide range of needs and our pricing model below allows for complete customization based upon their needs.

BASE COST Free $0+ $1,250 $2500
Suitable For
All the features a small business could use are included as part of the Agency agreement
Your business if flourishing! This flexible plan is priced based on how
you use the tool.
Use of all the tools found
in AdLuge for your client base
at a limited time
50% discount.
All of the same features
found under VIP but with
a robust call tracking
component included
Lead Management
Contacts Up to 500
501 - 5000
5,001 - 25,000
25,001 - 100K
Unlimited Unlimited
Lead Manager Leads By Source Included Included Included
Email Marketing Up to 100 Subscribers &
1 Template
101 - 1,000 Subscribers &
5 Templates
Unlimited Unlimited
Email Automation Up to 5 Pages & 1 Template
5 - 25, Subscribers &
5 Templates
Unlimited Unlimited
Landing Page Bulider Up to 5 Pages & 1 Template
Upto 1,000, Subscribers &
5 Templates
Unlimited Unlimited
Keywords Up to 50
51 - 100
101 - 150
Unlimited Unlimited
Competitors Up to 3
4 - 10
Unlimited Unlimited
Search Engines Google, Yahoo & Bing Included Included Included
Plus Local Included Included Included Included
Pay Per Click
Google Ads Spend Below $2,000
Unlimited Unlimited
Phone Management
Phone Call Tracking Up to 3 # & 100 minutes
4 - 10 # &
101 - 1,000 minutes
Per Additional numbers
Per Additional minutes
4 - 12 # &
101 - 1,000 minutes
Per Additional numbers
Per Additional minutes
13 - 25 # &
1001 - 7,500 minutes
Per Additional numbers
Per Additional minutes

Not an agency?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a partner account?

We welcome agencies to sign up for partner accounts so that they can manage multiple client accounts in AdLuge. Our partners will get a complete client management portal with a Free starter package for each of their client accounts.

Is my data safe and private?

At AdLuge, we take data security very seriously and our core technologies ensure your data is secure and private. Your transactions with AdLuge are secured through high standard SSL certificates. We are committed to providing world class inbound marketing software without compromising on security and privacy.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept major credit cards for online payment with invoicing options.

How do I upgrade my package?

You can upgrade the partner package at any time. Contact our support team and we will do it for you.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my clients packages?

Yes, you have full control on your client packages. If you want to downgrade a client package, you need to wait the duration of the subscription period.

Do my clients pay their fee to you or me?

We have two billing options. We can bill to your account or bill directly to the client. This can be changed in the account settings.

Is there any free trial for partner packages?

No. Currently we don’t have a free trial for partner package. Once you purchase any of our partner packages, then your clients will get a Free starter account.

We are a digital agency but not interested in partner packages. Can I sign up for a client account?

Yes, you can sign up for an individual account to get the benefits of AdLuge. Please contact us for more details.

What if a client account exceeds its usage limitations?

We don’t automatically upgrade the package if your client exceeds the usage limitations. But the usage restrictions set for the services will exceed and will be added to the invoice. We will notify both of you if an account reaches its usage limitations.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime and you won’t be billed onwards. Contact our support staff for more details.

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