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The vision of AdLuge came from the humble beginnings of an agency that was looking for a way to service their loyal fan base with a reliable reporting system that helped streamline and place all client data in one place. Once we got clients ranked to the top of search engines they would often say – “Now what? What is this getting me?”

TechWyse CEO DJ Kennedy remembered an old quote from John Wanamaker; “I know half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

We live in a time where it’s possible to help reduce waste. And AdLuge was born!

What our CEO has to say

When we created the AdLuge product back in 2005 for lead generation type of clients, our company slogan was to “Keep Your Leads on Track.” Over the years the team has worked with tireless enthusiasm to grow the product to complete so many more tasks.

Since the AdLuge tool was originally built FOR an advertising agency, it has become the ultimate tool to effectively manage and communicate to an agency’s client base and ensure that time is spent improving client results - rather than gathering them.

Although AdLuge still has the same end goal for small and medium size business; we know that the true differentiator is in allowing results driven agencies manage their clients better. Our wonderful team continues the growth of the tool every single day so that our agencies can spend more time improving results for their client base

DJ Kennedy, CEO

Our Story

The AdLuge product was architected in 2005. Originally built as a lead capture and internet marketing software product, though the product has remained very much true to its original purpose. AdLuge was built to take lead capture, lead source identification, lead nurturing and search engine marketing to the next level.

The product now includes advanced opportunity creation, Google Analytics integration and executive search ranking and paid search management reporting. Although the product has been used for many years, AdLuge was released as a complete measurement product that is perfect for small-medium business, digital marketing agencies, web developers and business consultants. Later in 2016 we launched a new version of Adluge with advanced features and a seamless UI.


Version 1 - Lead Management System:

Track and send leads to AdLuge and manage the leads by assigning to sales, putting comments, changing the stage etc.


Version 2 - Organic & Paid Reporting:

Reporting widgets on the dashboard plus summary and detailed reporting including the keywords, search engines and competitors.


Introduced Opportunities:

A lead can be converted into opportunities and helps to track the revenue generated and to measure the sales people.


Introduced Google My Business Reporting:

Helps to track impressions and actions for each store address.


Version 3 - Launched InSights:

Enables AM’s to communicate with clients or vice versa to improve client’s business!


Introduced PPC Work Area:

Dedicated area to manage PPC clients & helps to track CPC and budget, all in one page!


Introduced Rules & Workflows:

Workflow rules can help automate the types of actions based on your organization's processes:


Version 4 - Launched powerful UI & UX edition:

Revamped the whole system including the backend programming & database structure for improved system performance.
Introduced own source tracking system!


Marketing Tools.

Introduced Email Marketing, Landing Page Builder, Form Builder & Drip Marketing!

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