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Should You Send Leads To A Landing Page Or A Website?

Your landing page and website help you achieve different goals. If you’re running a paid search campaign, it’s important to understand which of these options will more effectively drive conversions. The value of driving users to a particular page is that you can target each stage of the buying cycle – awareness, consideration and decision-making.

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By: 15 Feb 2017


How To Track And Measure Content Engagement

Content engagement can be difficult to quantify. But high content engagement can point to an increase in leads and conversions.

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By: 1 Feb 2017

How To Track Your ROI

If you invest time and resources into your digital marketing strategy, you’ll want to ensure you’re closely tracking your ROI.

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By: 20 Dec 2016

Important Metrics To Track Your SEO Success

A successful SEO strategy relies on a combination of digital marketing tactics from link building to content creation, to keyword research, to website design, to name a few.

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By: 5 Dec 2016

Tracked Keywords: What Are They And How Can I Use Them To Grow My...

Keywords remain an important part of your SEO strategy, and there are some effective tactics you can use to rank for relevant words and phrases – despite changes to Google’s algorithm, which make...

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By: 11 Nov 2016

Connecting CRM With Tracking And Reporting

Traditionally, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategies would help marketers to gather customer-level insights in order to create targeted offers.

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By: 7 Nov 2016

What Are The First Steps In Building A Successful Digital Marketing...

A successful digital marketing strategy has many components including website design, search engine ranking, social media, PPC and more.

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By: 24 Oct 2016
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