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  • Capture

    AdLuge helps digital marketing agencies to explore the insights from various marketing channels.

  • Convert

    Don’t miss out even a single lead. Keep track all your potential customers through online forms and phone calls.

  • Manage

    Our intuitive lead management system is designed to help marketers and salespersons throughout the sales funnel.

  • Measure

    Measure your marketing efforts with our powerful and interactive reporting system.

  • CRM
  • Sales Performance
  • Meetings & To Do’s
  • Campaign Reports
  • Phone Call Tracking
  • Rules & Workflows
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Form Builder
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Intelligent Notifications


Easy to use interface for managing and nurturing your leads. AdLuge is capable of capturing your leads from online forms and phone calls. Our CRM comes with different utilities that helps you to manage your leads through different stages of the sales funnel.

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Sales Performance

We know how much you’re eager to monitor the performance of your sales team. AdLuge makes it easy for you. The sales projection dashboard is the place you can monitor all your salespeople’s performance as well as the sales revenue you make every month.

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Meetings & To Do’s

Meetings & To Do Lists

This is the feature our users love the most. Schedule business meetings, set reminders and create To-Do’s with ease. Get up to date information about upcoming and past meetings, synchronize your calendar with Google calendar, and many more features.

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Campaign Reports

Monitoring and measurement is necessary for every marketing campaign. Our software is capable of converting your data into interactive and meaningful reports that your marketing and sales teams would love to analyze and improve upon.

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Phone Call Tracking

Phone Call Lead Tracking

Getting leads through phone calls? AdLuge will help you to identify the marketing campaigns associated with phone numbers. Track everything from the date of the call, the conversion date, the call status, the duration, etc. You have options to listen to or download the tracked calls.

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Rules & Workflows

Custom Rules & Workflows

Every business has their own requirements. That’s why we added Rules and Workflows into AdLuge. This feature allows you to set your own rules to customize the way CRM works. You can trigger these rules at any time to update the existing data.

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E-Mail Marketing

Email Marketing Automation Tool

AdLuge comes with a powerful email marketing tool so that you don’t need to go anywhere to meet your email marketing requirements. We built this tool to help clients that ranges from small startups to fortune 500 companies.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation System

Build. Visualize. Improve. – one central canvas to power smarter marketing programs. AdLuge provides a full suite of tools that help marketers create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals.

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Form Builder

Web Form Builder

Save yourself the trouble of using multiple systems to track your leads. AdLuge’s form builder streamlines your process, giving you more time and resources to focus on the rest of your work. AdLuge’s form builder is easy to use and ideal for every industry.

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Landing Page Builder

Landing Page Builder

The AdLuge Landing Page builder is powerful enough to help every member in your team to design and publish high converting responsive landing pages. You can use our inbuilt templates for creating custom landing pages that match your brand.

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Intelligent Notifications

Intelligent Notifications

There may be many reasons as to your sales team may fail to promptly contact a new lead, but one of the most common reasons is that the marketing team fails to notify sales of new leads immediately. Our intelligent notification feature will notify you about the changes that happen on your data.

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