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How to Keep Your Prospects from Comparison Shopping

In this digital age comparison shopping has become easier than ever, making it the bane of most business owners. Comparison shopping frequently results in decreased sales, narrower margins, and a reduction in revenue.

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By: 19 Dec 2014


How to Create Lead-Focused Blogs

The true purpose of blogging for most businesses is not just to earn readers, but to generate leads for the company.

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By: 5 Dec 2014

Essential Aspects of Copy that Converts

Outstanding copy is one of the best ways to earn higher conversion rates, but it isn’t always easy to produce and, while the internet is full of writing advice, much of it is not very helpful.

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By: 21 Nov 2014

Keyword Trends For Cosmetic Surgeons

One of the best ways for Cosmetic Surgeons to get patient consults is to review the keywords that people are typing in when they fill out a form on your website.

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By: 21 Sep 2014

The Importance of Location Pages and How to Write Them

If you own a business and offer your services to customers in nearby towns and cities, you will need to have a solid online presence.

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By: 5 Sep 2014

How to Close an Internet Lead

Closing an internet lead is different from closing a lead by direct mail or strictly over the phone. This is because during an internet sale, you are competing for the lead’s attention.

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By: 21 Aug 2014

New Google Ads Search Funnel Columns will Make Paid Search Management...

Yesterday, Google unveiled another functionality update to Google Ads, one that is expected to provide more insight into conversion trends to improve efficiency in budget allocation.

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By: 6 Aug 2014
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