Lead Management CRM

Easy to use interface for managing and nurturing your leads. AdLuge is capable of capturing your leads from online forms and phone calls. Our CRM comes with different utilities that helps you to manage your leads through different stages of the sales funnel. The features include:

Leads and Opportunity Management

Capturing and nurturing prospects through your sales process, converting them into leads, and closing opportunities are some of the most important activities for productive sales and marketing teams. Our tools help you gather detailed information across all stages of the sales funnel so you can forecast sales pipelines and ensure your sales and marketing teams are meeting their goals.

Customize CRM with Rules and Workflows

Build multiple workflows in order to optimize organizational best practices and manage specific sales processes, marketing activities, and more. Creating rules and workflows will allow you to customize the way CRM works.

Secure APIs to Pull your Data

Our APIs allows you to connect your external application to AdLuge. This way you can pull the data from CRM to create reports or represent the data as you want.

Implement Actionable, Data-driven Improvements to Your Marketing Campaigns Based on Proven Results!

Marketing Performance Management

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