Has Your Business Added Video into the Marketing Mix?

Content Marketing 28th, Aug 2013


As mobile Internet use becomes more common, videos are becoming more necessary for an effective content strategy. A video is a much easier way to learn content on mobile than a wall of text or an article. According to a Forbes study, almost 80% of senior executives are viewing more content videos now than they were a year ago.  Also, a study by SEOMoz found that video content attracts three times more inbound links than text content, making it more likely that your content will be shared among business professionals.

Videos succeed when they are focused, integrated into strategy, shared in appealing ways, and have decent production value.


A video should be highly focused, in every way. It should identify a specific need that your customers have, and solve it. Viewer content that just advertises your products, but does not provide value or entertainment to viewers, will not be widely shared. Video content marketing is a very different thing from TV ads.


The first step for integration is a decision about where a video will fit into your sales process. Decide who you are targeting: potential customers who have not yet demonstrated interest, customers who have demonstrated interest but have not yet made a purchase, or returning customers. This will determine the level of detail and the wording of the calls to action within the video. This video’s details and calls to action should be part of an ongoing sales process. This video should reference other video and text content to keep customers moving through the process.

Sharing in Appealing Ways

The video should be easy for both your salespeople and your customers to share. It should be posted on your website, blog, and social media pages. If you email your customers about your video, make it as appealing as possible. Use the subject line to accurately describe the video’s content. To avoid looking like spam, instead of sending the video itself, send a link embedded in an attractive thumbnail image link.

Production Values

It actually does not take that much equipment and effort to make a great video. You can use a standard household camcorder, or buy a high-quality webcam and mic for about $250.  You can set up a recording station in your office by using a closed office lined with noise-dampening cubicle walls. For a visual aid, use a whiteboard.

You can also turn any Powerpoint presentation into a video. If you need help on doing this, you can check out the tutorial here. If you use a Powerpoint, be sure to use a lot of attractive visuals to keep your viewers’ attention.

Remember that no one expects it to be perfect. As long as you can turn out a video with clear sound and engaging visuals, with information that is useful and adds value, you will improve your marketing efforts among mobile users.

By: Tyler Shannon

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