Using Vsnap for Sales and Better Customer Communication

Content Marketing 15th, Aug 2013


Vsnap is a service that allows you to send 60 second video messages without making the recipient download an app or a video file. All the recipient needs to do is click on the provided link and watch the linked Flash video on the Vsnap web page.

What makes Vsnap more than just a fun curiosity is that for $3 to $20 a month it includes analytics, allowing you to track the response rate, user feedback, and cost per lead of your Vsnap emails. This makes Vsnap just like other advanced drip marketing software, but with the added benefit of personal and engaging communication.

When to Use Vsnap

Vsnap is great when you are trying to build a personal relationship with your clients. The more focused your Vsnap, the better it will do. In an ideal world, you would personalize each Vsnap to each individual clients. In the real world, where you don’t have time for that, try to at least narrow down your Vsnaps to specific demographics, geographic areas, and interests. Even if your Vsnap doesn’t mention the client’s name, they will at least talk about the client’s specific interests.

Vsnaps are therefore best for high-profit-per-client industries. The more each client is worth to you, the more time you can spend customizing vsnaps to small focused groups.

How to Use Vsnap

Vsnap is a freemium service, meaning that the basic functions are available for free. Go to the Vsnap signup page, make a free page, and then record a message using a webcam and mic.

You can use standard webcams and mics, but if you are serious about video messaging, you should invest in higher-end technology. A high-res webcam will run you around $150, and a decent microphone with PC output comes in at about $100. If ambient noise in your office is a problem, you can pay a little more for a noise-canceling microphone. However, you can achieve the same effect by choosing an interior office with no windows, closing the door, and placing a sound-absorbing cubicle dividing wall between the door and the desk.

Once you’re set up, record your message. Here’s some tips:

    • Smile and relax. You are sending a Vsnap instead of a text email because you want to communicate a mood, not just content. That mood should be happy and friendly. If you can’t smile and relax, then there is no point to Vsnap.
    • Send small messages. A major drawback to Vsnap is that they take longer to communicate a given amount of content than text emails. However, do not overcompensate by making Vsnaps extremely long. People will just tune out and shut them off. Communicate your happiness and friendliness, outline the most important thing you have to tell them, say where they can learn more, and say goodbye.
    • Speak slowly.Even though you’ve only got 60 seconds, it’s tempting to squeeze content in wherever you can, but remember that you are trying to communicate a mood, not content. Speaking quickly can be alienating, so plan what you want to say and keep is slow.

The best part of Vsnap is that it is free to start, and extremely cheap to access most features. It won’t hurt to put a Vsnap into your ongoing A/B testing to see if clients like the personal connection of video messaging.

By: Steve Toth

4 thoughts on “Using Vsnap for Sales and Better Customer Communication”

  1. Hey Steve! Trish here from Vsnap. I love that your first tip is smile and relax. 🙂 I will say that I don’t mind some background happenings + sound. I think it adds some life to the vsnap and it gives the client more insight to where you work, which is a part of a two-sided relationship. I usually do mine in our event space so that I can show off the Boston skyline.

    Another quick tip is you can save vsnaps as drafts, so what I sometimes do is record a few on my iPad (better cam than my computer) and then finish them off (email/title/etc) on my computer.

    Have an awesome weekend!

    1. Thanks for the tips Trish. I’ve also found that recording on my phone or iPad works better, too.

      With regard to the whole background noise thing, I think the mic you’re using plays a big difference i.e. directional vs. omni-directional.

  2. Vsnap is a great piece of “service”, lets say. My colleagues have been using it for a while and only good words have I heard from them about Vsnap.

  3. I’ve been lurking around this blog for a bit and finally decided to make an account so I can comment! I like to use Vsnap because I can keep in touch with my clients. And of course…remember to smile 🙂

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