Cosmetic Surgeons Spending More In June 2013

Cosmetic Surgery 1st, Aug 2013


If you are a Cosmetic Surgeon in North America, you are very likely already involved in Search Engine Marketing. Google Ads is the leader in the industry for giving virtually anyone the ability to pay for top placements on Google’s search engine.

Using AdLuge, we are able to use industry average data to help cosmetic surgeons understand what they should expect out of their paid search campaigns. The below data represents averages for over 50 cosmetic surgeons that currently use the AdLuge Marketing Intelligence tool.

Search Engine Marketing is on the rise and isn’t slowing down. Being Google’s largest source of revenue, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s success and continued growth is attributed to demonstrated results and return on investment for millions of Google Ads campaigns each month.

Google Ads Paid Search

The following article outlines the average Google Ads Paid Search Metrics from June. This data has been compared to Paid Search account data from March, four months earlier.

Although many variables can affect each campaign, as a whole the information is valuable in helping the cosmetic surgery industry evaluate the performance of their Google Ads campaigns to competitors and others within your industry throughout North America.


93% of of the Cosmetic Surgeons using AdLuge are employing a Google Ads campaign.  This is up slightly from 91.10% in March.

Campaign Spend

The average Cosmetic Surgeon spent $1921.17 in June. This is up from $1404.88 in March. The averages and trends from over 50 practices do fluctuate, however comparing overall budget to the metrics below demonstrate a clear increase in confidence of campaign performance across the board.


The average Google Ads campaign got 525 clicks in June, down from 719 in March. This is surprising considering the average spend increased during that same time. This is likely due as a result of more focused targeting strategies from all AdLuge users.

Impression Share

The average impression share for all campaigns was at 58.93% in June. This means that campaigns were only being shown for a little over half the time the could have been. This is often due to budget restrictions. This was up slightly, from 54.80% in March due to an increase in budget. We always recommend to doctors that are happy with the cost per lead to try to maximize their impression share.


The average Google Ads – Search campaign garnered 15.5 email and phone leads. Based on budgets, this means the average cost per lead was around $123.75 per lead. In March, the average campaign got 12.6 leads, slightly less but with an average cost per lead of only $114.26. In this case it’s important to ask how much a lead is worth. Although cost per lead showed a $10 difference, an extra three clients could equate to much more revenue.

Patient Consultations

According to AdLuge data, the average account received 5.6 in person consultations, up from 5.2 in March.

What Should Your Next Steps Be?

Next month I will be writing a definitive article to help Cosmetic Surgeons understand some of the latest tips that other Cosmetic Practitioners are employing in order to achieve better organic search results.

By: Mike Landry

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