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Cosmetic Surgery 25th, Jun 2014


Cosmetic Surgeons Spending More In September 2012

If you are a Cosmetic Surgeon in North America you are very likely already involved in Search Marketing. In my last post I spoke about what Cosmetic Practices can expect as part of their overall search strategy. In this post I will speak specifically about what the average cosmetic surgeon should expect to receive as part of their Paid Search experience.

Using AdLuge, we are able to use our industry averages data to help cosmetic surgeons understand what they should expect out of their paid online campaigns. The below data represents averages for the 55+ cosmetic surgeons that currently use the AdLuge tool.

Google Ads – Search

The following details outline average Google Ads – Search metrics from September 2012. We also compared this data with paid search account data that we received in June 2012. There are many variables that effect each of these campaigns. We feel however, that as a whole the information it valuable in helping the health care industry evaluate where they are at compared to competitors spanning across North America.


Month June 2012 September 2012
Saturation (% of budget spent) 82.00% 90.10%
Campaign Spend $1416.38 $2019.41
Clicks 338 413
Cost Per Click $3.86 $4.50
Impression Share 46.58% 56.84%
Conversions 11 14
Patient Consults 4.1 4.8

Saturation (% of budget spent)

90.10% of Cosmetic Surgeons that are doing online marketing services are employing a Google Ads campaign.  This is up from 82% in June 2012.

Campaign Spend

The average Cosmetic Surgeon spent $2019.41 in September 2012. This is up from $1416.38 in June 2012. It appears that the Cosmetic industry has ramped up after a nice summer and looking for increases in the fall season.


The average Google Ads campaign got 413 clicks. In June 2012, the average campaign received 338 clicks.

Cost Per Click

The average click cost was $4.50 per click. This is up from a June 2012 average of $3.86. This is very likely due to an increase in competition for similar keywords.

Impression Share

The average impression share for all campaigns was at 56.84%. This means that campaigns only showed just over half of the time due to budget issues. We always recommend to doctors that are happy with the cost per lead to maximize their impression share.


The average Google Ads – Search campaign garnered 14 email and phone leads. This mean the average cost per lead was at $144.24 per lead. In June 2012, the average campaign got 11 leads for an average cost per lead of $128.76.

Patient Consultations

According to AdLuge data the average account received 4.8 in person consultations, up from 4.1 in June 2012.

What Should Your Next Steps Be?

Next week I will be writing a definitive article to help Cosmetic Surgeons understand some of the latest tips that other Cosmetic Practitioners are employing in order to super-charge their own Paid Search campaigns.

If your practice has a paid search management company or a local resource you may want to compare these trends with them.  Otherwise you can always feel free to call me at 1-866-410-7090 or reply to this email.  As many of you know, this is my favorite industry to work within!

By: Mike Landry

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