What Volume of Leads Should Cosmetic Surgeons Expect?

Cosmetic Surgery 12th, Jun 2014


After reviewing the data for more than 50 Cosmetic Surgery practices here are the average volume of leads received by online source in June 2012.

Organic Google Ads Referral Direct Total New Leads
45 11 5 13 74

Summary of Leads

Organic Optimization / SEO – 45 leads per month

As we find in most cases when conducting research for Cosmetic Surgeons, SEO Optimization is usually the most cost effective method for generating leads for a practice. Given average SEO monthly management fees of between $500 – $1000 per month this would mean that the average cost per lead of an Organic lead is approximately $11 – $22 per lead. The average cosmetic surgeon can expect to book 3.2 patient meetings per 10 leads.

There are very few advertising mediums that we have found in our own research that conclude such strong cost per lead rates with.

Paid Search – Google Ads – 11 leads per month

Google Ads is by far the highest traffic paid search medium. While other Paid Search mediums can offer lower cost per lead metrics, there is no where else that you want to be if you are starting out in Paid Search. Using our own research data we found that the average Google Ads budget was $1416.38 in June 2012 for Cosmetic Surgeons. This budget got an average of 11 paid search leads. The average cost per lead for cosmetic clinics was $128.76. The average cosmetic practicehas 4.1consultations per 10 leads.

Referral Sites – 5 leads per month

Referral sites can range from directory websites, review websites, or partner sites which have posted a link to a cosmetic surgeon. On average 5 leads per month came from these types of sites in June 2012. This can obviously be a good source of cost per lead but it depends on whether these referral sites were paid for.

Direct – 13 leads per month

Many things can affect the volume of leads a cosmetic practice receives per month. Much of this can relate to traditional forms of advertising like radio, billboard, magazine or newspaper ads. We do tend to setup unique ‘vanity’ domains or unique call tracking numbers to properly measure the effectiveness of these traditional media campaigns. Therefore we tend to attribute leads received from the ‘Direct’ source to public relations, brand and word of mouth success.

Total Cosmetic Practice Leads – 74 leads per month

AdLuge has shown us that based on 50+ Cosmetic Surgery practices, the volume of leads received by email and phone is 74 per month. In our experience, once a Cosmetic Surgeon employs search engine marketing as part of the marketing mix the biggest improvement area is often employing proper follow up procedures.

The AdLuge tool offers a complete CRM with sales rep and folder assignment. Whether you choose to use a tool like AdLuge for SEM and customer relationship management or any other tool, we recommend employing something that helps you keep track of your patient inquiries through an automated lead management system.

How Do I Generate More Patient Inquiries?

Stay tuned to some of my upcoming newsletters as I focus on the following areas:

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  • Things Every Cosmetic Surgeon can do to improve their SEO

By: Mike Landry

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