Connecting CRM With Tracking And Reporting

Traditionally, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategies would help marketers to gather customer-level insights in order to create targeted offers.

Digital marketers still turn to CRM to track the journey of leads through the sales funnel, and to retain current customers. However, social media platforms and search engines allow marketers to create a seamless brand experience for the customer both offline and online.

Connecting CRM with digital tracking and reporting can help you to create a thorough, highly-targeted marketing campaign, ultimately driving sales.

The benefits of CRM

The collection of customer-level information, such as demographics and preferences, for example, can help you to boost revenue through client retention. As well, customers who have a positive experience through interactions with sales staff, for example, are much more likely to make a purchase.

CRM can also help you to keep track of how your leads are progressing through the sales funnel – and digital marketing can help you to ensure your leads convert.

The benefits of tracking and reporting

Tracking and reporting is crucial to the success of your digital marketing strategy. Through data tracking and reporting you can see how users are searching for your products or services on popular search engines and which ad campaigns they engage with, for example.

As well, analysing data from your marketing efforts can help you to see which areas need improvement. For example, you might be driving traffic to your website through a paid search ad, but if these users aren’t converting, it’s a sign your ad or targeting efforts need improvement.

Connecting CRM with tracking and reporting

Using data collected through tracking and reporting, you can effectively target potential customers and ensure they are retained through your CRM efforts.

Another important benefit of connecting CRM with tracking and reporting is the ability to join data and to segment inactive customers so you can target them with relevant offers.

As well, you can prevent the loss of current customers by ensuring they are not seeing ads for products or services they have already purchased. Instead, you can target these customers with related products and services.

Joining CRM data with real-time customer behaviour and your digital marketing strategy will ensure you achieve success for your brand or business.

Data tracking and reporting can help you to grow revenue and retain customers by creating highly targeted marketing strategies based on customer behaviour and lead information. Keep the above information in mind when joining CRM with data tracking and reporting.

By: Olya Bogoyevich

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