How to Build an Email Marketing List

Lead Management 28th, Nov 2013


Email marketing campaigns continue to be an important part of online marketing strategies but how does a company build a great email marketing list? There are many ways to build up your contact list and it all starts with great content.

Unique, Engaging Content

Content is already such an important part of online marketing that this is an obvious step: you will need lots of interesting, relevant content to offer your subscribers if you want to keep them subscribed, visiting your website, and sharing it with their friends and family. You will need great content on your website and also in each newsletter you send out in order to keep readers engaged and coming back for more.

Once you have created your stellar content, be sure to include social sharing buttons and email list opt-ins. Put some of the best content on your website on pages which require a simple registration to view and ask for email addresses when visitors come to the page.

Signup Form Throughout Website

An easy way to garner new email newsletter signups is to include opt-in forms on many of the main pages of your website including the About page, in the blog comments section, and as part of checkout process. The less information you require, the more signups you will receive but you may wish to tailor your signups to more specific tastes by offering a variety of subscription levels. This way prospects can choose the level of communication they desire and are less likely to opt-out later on. Many websites choose to use a pop-up form but it is recommended that you carefully monitor your website metrics if you decide to go this route as some people can find it annoying. What you want to see is an increase in signups without a corresponding increase in bounce rates.

Build the Community

By connecting with other companies in your industry or relevant blogs you can forge social connections which open up entirely new sources of marketing leads. Guest blog on popular blogs for your industry and be present at related trade shows as these are both great ways to meet people specifically interested in the products or services you provide.

Encourage your current list to connect with you via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and be sure to keep your online presence up-to-date, interesting, and engaging. Create special offers to get your Facebook and Twitter followers to opt-in for your newsletter as well by running giveaways or promotions with affiliate or partner websites.

Host meetups, conferences, or webinars and use email addresses for registration. By offering relevant and authoritative instruction or discussion on relevant topics, you will gain the attention of the industry and people will be interested in what you have to say. This will keep them subscribed and engaged with your brand.

Finally, be sure to offer any prospects that are currently receiving traditional direct mail marketing from your company to opt-in to email marketing instead. Not only will this grow your email list with interested persons, it will save a few trees in the process and demonstrate to your prospects that you value their preferences.

By: Tyler Shannon

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