One Great Tip to Rank Online and Save Money

Lead Management 24th, Jul 2014


Being As Precise Online As You Are With Patients

We can present this data because online advertising provides us with an unparalleled ability to measure and make data driven decisions. Further, we have built a tool ( that allows us to manage Cosmetic Surgeon’s campaigns and report results on every dollar spent.  As a result, we can account for very specific metrics like I mentioned above and make adjustments.

We have been busy getting this quarter’s results together, but in the interim I wanted to make sure I shared a very important tip to help trim your Google Ads budget and make your marketing dollars go further.

Add Negative Keywords!

As much as there are keywords you want to show up for, (e.g. Breast Augmentation perhaps?) there are often even more keywords that you wouldn’t want to show up for!

Suppose you are a Surgeon with a focus on ‘Rhinoplasty’ and you operate in Seattle, USA. You would want your ad displayed for ‘Facial Plastic Surgeon Seattle’, but you wouldn’t want ‘Lapband Surgeon Seattle’ to trigger an advertisement.  Why? Because that’s not a procedure you do nor a lead you want to waste your valuable budget on!

Perhaps your clinic offers it all?  In that case, let’s try another example of keywords someone might type that could trigger one of your ads that you wouldn’t want to show up for. For example:

‘Cosmetic Surgery Info’ – Negative Keyword ‘info’

‘Cosmetic Surgery Jobs’ – Negative Keyword ‘Jobs’

‘Cosmetic Surgery Alternatives’ – Negative Keyword ‘Alternatives’

‘Cheapest Cosmetic Surgeon’ – Negative Keyword ‘Cheapest’

By adding these keywords, you’re telling Google not to display your ad to those that type in that word in the search bar. The result is that you will spend your advertising dollars to an audience that is most relevant to your target audience.

The old adage is that a penny saved is a penny earned. In this case, it’s so much more because it means you can reserve your daily budget for the clicks that:

  1. Are for the kind of visitor that IS in your target market
  2. Ensure your lead inquiries are more relevant
  3. Improve quality score with Google (meaning you pay fewer for clicks!)
  4. Increase conversion rates of patients in the operating room

That’s it for now!

If your clinic has engaged an internet marketing company you may want to check with them on this basic, yet important tip. Otherwise I am happy to explain this further or even offer you a full website diagnostic myself! You can always feel free to call me at 1-877-305-7265 or reply to this email.  As many of you know, this is my favorite industry to work within!

By: Mike Landry

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