Why Use Phone Call Tracking to Measure your Marketing

Lead Management 9th, Jul 2013


In a few sentences, the answer to this question is:

Because it works. Because it’s better than any solely online method. Because it’s the future. However, if you want to get more specific, here are some great reasons to start using call tracking today:

1. Call Tracking Leads to Happier Internet Marketers

Call tracking is the knowing through which advertising medium someone called you. Software like AdLuge, assigns the medium to each customer who calls you. This allows you to track the CPL (cost-per-lead) for each phone call. This all happened behind the scenes. Let’s take this example, Customer a searches for your site and clicks on your Google Ads ad for blue widgets. When that customer land on the website, the phone number is automatically changed to a Google Ads call tracking number.

So let’s say you get 100 clicks and each click costs $2 for a total spend of $200. Now let’s say 20 of those people contacted you through phone or email form. AdLuge will calculate your combined cost per phone and email leads of $10 CPL. Google Ads alone .

2.  Call Tracking Changes Marketing From an Art to a Science

According to a ComScore study, most purchases that are made due to an internet search are made offline, usually over the phone.  Another study has demonstrated that phone calls are as much as 15 times more likely to generate sales than online customer engagement.  Therefore, all marketing data that cannot precisely link web activity to phone calls is just guesswork.

Phone call tracking offers an exciting level of precision. With call tracking, you can break your marketing costs down to cost per sale or even cost per profit dollar.  The amount you can save by optimizing your marketing costs at this level could be huge.

3. Call Tracking Improves Mobile Targeting

Click-to-call mobile calls have probably the single highest conversion rate of any marketing method ever invented.

Area codes include an approximate location this lets you know from where your customers are calling. This is a big deal if your company is location-dependent, i.e. you have a physical store. With call tracking, you can figure out exactly where in a city your best customers call from, and plan your geographic ad campaigns accordingly.

4. It’s inexpensive.

Setting up additional phone numbers and phone routing has become very cheap to do. AdLuge already absorbs the cost into its subscription fee.

5. If it’s not yet mainstream, it will be.

Call Tracking is a big part of the future of marketing. It is already saving money and optimizing the campaigns of thousands of marketers. If you’re not doing call tracking, then pretty soon your competitors will be.

By: Steve Toth

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