8 Great iOS Apps for Business

1. Dropbox

There are a lot of file-sharing solutions on iOS, including the ingenious Filemagnet that shares files through iTunes’ infrastructure, but the most powerful and useful one is Dropbox. This allows you to share a folder a files with your work group wherever they are, and whatever devices they’re using.

Dropbox also plays nicely with a lot of other apps. Since so many apps can use Dropbox to share information with your workgroup, downloading Dropbox is the first step to a whole new world of productivity applications.

2. Genius Scan+

For anyone who remembers when the first scanners came out, GeniusScan+ looks like science fiction. Basically, it creates scans from phone pictures. Adjusting for depth, size, and colour, this app turns an image of a document lying on a table into a searchable PDF. It also can upload to Dropbox with a single tap.

3. Meeting-Recorder

Meeting-Recorder: Technically, most mobile devices already have a built-in voice recorder. Every new generation of devices rolls out with a better mic. However, the basic software leaves a lot to be desired. There is no easy way to record metadata, like participant names or agendas, and no sensible way to organize your files. Enter Meeting-Recorder, which fills this gap. This allows for the organization of sound files by tag or timeline, and cloud storage of sound files for backup.

4. Omnifocus

As expensive as a dinner out (for one) but way more useful, Omnifocus is the king of task-based project management. With a vast array of features and an attractive interface, Omnifocus is the best that money can buy. It is perfect for small-to-medium businesses.

5. QuickBooks Online

For spreadsheets and invoicing by mobile, go with the gold standard of invoicing on desktop: QuickBooks. QuickBooks for iPhone has almost all the functionality of the desktop version, and is organized and laid out in a great format for mobile.

6. FileMaker Go 12

Like QuickBooks, FileMaker Go provides a mobile version of an established desktop application. It allows remote access for all your staff to a FileMaker database. This is useful for giving all your salespeople  up-to-the-minute information on all your customers. Wherever your salespeople are, if they contact a potential customer, they will know everything that they need to know.

7. iThoughts HD

iThoughts HD  is a mindmapping app to help brainstorm ideas. What sets it apart from the hundreds of similar apps are its attractive and functional interface and its ability to sync and share via Dropbox. In addition, it can export mindmaps to Excel spreadsheets. If you’re having trouble getting the team together for a brainstorming session, then iThoughts HD will work for you.

8. Keynote

If you give a lot of presentations but don’t spend a lot of time at your desk, then Keynote can help you out. Keynote rocks because of its wide variety of templates and backgrounds. You can make entire presentations by tapping for years and they will always look fresh and original. Perfect for designing presentations on the plane between business meetings.

Once you’ve made your Keynote presentation, you can use Keynote Remote to present it. This handy app lets you remotely control presentations being run on Apple computers.

What apps do you use for business?

By: Tyson Huggins

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