Information is power: How to use marketing intelligence to drive business growth

Offline marketing research has been a major industry for almost a hundred years.  Effective online marketing research has only been possible for about a decade.  It’s not surprising that most companies lack the experience or the technology to conduct marketing research as effectively online and off. However, by the time we retire, fully offline business will be unusual.  With the world changing so quickly, it is increasingly clear that newer and better software, not marketing experience, is necessary to keep up.

Why Software Trumps Experience

Time was, corporations used to pay marketers millions to interview, spy on, strike conversations with, and otherwise try to figure out customers’ consumption patterns.  All that changed suddenly a few decades ago with the invention of customer loyalty plans and club cards.  Suddenly, computer systems knew more about customers than experienced marketers ever could.

The online revolution has taken this trend to its logical conclusion.  Using online marketing intelligence software, you can track where your customers came from, why they chose your site, their activity while making a purchase decision, and more.  Marketing software gives you insight that a million man army of marketers never could.

How we do it

AdLuge contains our proprietary cookie tracking software.  Cookies are bits of text that are automatically downloaded by users’ browsers when they visit most major websites.  Typically they contain an identifying string of text, the date and time of the visit, and, occasionally, some other information.

Marketing tracking

Because of this, a good software program can identify cookies from most major websites, and accurately track where users are coming from.  This gives you a perfect mathematical profile of where your leads are coming from.  It shows you the specific ads and keywords that led your customer to your site.

Have you heard of breaking down Google Ads into Cost Per Click (CPC)?  We break down all internet advertising into Cost Per Lead (CPL).  For every potential customer, you will know exactly what it cost to bring them in.

Better customer service

You can also use your own cookies to track your leads through the sales process. You can use this information to schedule follow-ups and call-backs.

Even better, you can integrate your cookie information with your email and phone records.  That way, you can track a visitor to your website, to where they found your phone number, to when they decided to call, to when they decided to buy, as well as what other products they looked at while on your site.

Further Analysis

We offer a full range of tools to analyze the data once you have it.  Our Reports dashboard can compile everything you know about your customers into concise, focused reports.

The Future

It is essential that every company get the tools it needs to do real online customer analysis.  The number of internet-enabled devices in the world, the amount of time the average person spends on the internet, and the number or purchases made through the internet, is going to increase every single day for the rest of our lives.  Companies that can’t track leads exactly are already stuck in the Bronze Age, and fall more behind with each passing day.

By: Tyler Shannon

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