AdLuge Update: Monthly Comparison is now Lead Report

New Features 25th, Sep 2013


Hello AdLuge community members! An exciting update has just rolled out within AdLuge that has been a long time coming, and we’re quite excited for.

The Monthly Comparison tab, previously found under the “My Leads” section, has been renamed to the Lead Report within the “Reports” section of AdLuge.

Along with this change, some significant enhancements have also been implemented including:

  • Visual graph of lead sources

  • Additional categorization of source types (mediums) including:

    • Social
    • Email
    • Simple, cleaner display of data comparison in chart mouse-over

In addition to these upgrades, some terminology has changed too.

  • Internet leads are now called Form Leads

  • Leads entered manually are located under “Offline”.

  • Leads that come from offline sources like Radio, Print, TV, also fall under the “Offline” mode.

This update will help bring clarity into measuring leads from social media, and email marketing campaigns.

Some minor changes may occur within the coming weeks to further enhance this new update.

Any questions, please feel free to email us at or contact your Account Manager directly!

By: Tyler Shannon

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