AdLuge Update: Phone Tracking Enhancements

New Features 20th, Nov 2013


Greeting AdLuge community members!

Over the next several weeks we will be rolling out some enhancements to our call tracking platform. This will be rolled out to our clients in stages and will take place starting now until early December.

With this enhancement, users will be able to include additional tracking variables which now include not only medium, but source, campaign, and franchise/location, too.

This is a big update compared to previously, where medium tracking was only available.

The way that phone leads are displayed within the Lead Details as well as the Lead Report will change slightly to accommodate the additional variables. Navigation remains the same.

Since we are moving this update out in phases, not all clients will see their changes immediately.

If you would like to enquire about when your account may be receiving this change, please contact your Account Manager. Also, I would encourage you speak with them directly and discuss ways your company can make better use of these new tracking enhancements.

As always, stay up to date on the AdLuge blog for more exciting updates!

Not an AdLuge user? No problem! Get in touch with our Solutions Team for a consultation and free trial.

By: Tyler Shannon

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