New Features! Multi-User, Lead Opportunities, & Improved Lead Detail Page

New Features 1st, May 2012


We are committed to the continued growth of the AdLuge tool to bring our clients the best in both lead source management, search engine placement reporting and analytics trends. Today we are pleased to announce the release of several upgrades to AdLuge.

Here is some of the features that we have launched with this new release.

1. Multi User Mode

One of the biggest requests we were getting was from clients that had many accounts with us. Where clients had to have unique logins for each site they were measuring this new feature now offers one login to all AdLuge accounts. If you do have multiple accounts here is a sample of the screens you will see!

2. Lead Details

Features Included:

  • New lead information layout that let’s you view and edit the information
  • Lead Source area that helps you identify where the lead came from
  • Enhanced ‘Visitor Click Path’ allows you to understand which pages the visitor went to all on the same page.
  • New ‘Lead Wall’ allows the user to categorize comments as General, or associate them to actual Opportunities. It also allows the user to see Opportunities on one screen.

3. Addition of Opportunities Tab

What are Opportunities?

Before this enhancement, when a lead came in you had the ability to enter notes relating to your conversation and had the ability to move each lead to a different folder but you did not have the ability to ‘create a sales opportunity’ that helped you understand which one of your leads had requested pricing from you. Opportunities fixes this problem!

4. Opportunities

Features Included:

View all Opportunities in one screen with the following

  • View Projected Close dates
  • Understand the One Time and Monthly revenue that is in the sales pipeline for each month
  • View all Active, Closed and Lost Opportunities
  • View Opportunities by Stage
  • View Opportunities by Sales Rep
  • View Opportunities by Rating

Ability to customize the sales process for your company.

  • AdLuge Opportunities come with default ‘Sales Groups’, ‘Services’ & ‘Sales Stages’ however, you can customize these to match your company’s custom requirements. Keep the default or adjust as you see fit!

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