How to Select a PPC Agency

Paid Search 31st, Oct 2013


Hiring an agency to handle your PPC campaign is a great idea for any business that wants to succeed online but choosing a company can be a difficult decision. It is important to make a good choice from the beginning as it can be very detrimental to your campaigns’ success to switch from one company to another to another.

Stick With It

Each time you change to a new agency your PPC campaign you may need to start over from scratch. Most companies have their own style and methods and it will take some time for them to get to know your business’ needs as well as separate strategies that work from those that do not. Because each new company is unlikely to have access to the work the previous companies already performed, you are likely to see the same campaigns tried again and again without much difference in the results. Strategies that have been tried and abandoned will be trotted out again and again without anyone really learning from these failures.

While it is important to cut ties with an agency that cannot fulfill your needs or deliver on their promises, instead of bouncing around from one failed campaign to the next one, choose the right agency from the beginning.

What to Look For in a SEM Agency?

The best PPC managers will be able to help you answer important questions about your business and Google Ads campaign. By helping you identify clear and attainable goals and how you will measure success, they will have a better understanding of what you are looking for and what they can do to help you achieve success. They will also help you identify your target markets and develop strategies that will work for your business. Ideally an agency should be able to demonstrate that they have multiple strategies and techniques to rely on: an agency with only one trick up its sleeve will be unlikely to find the best methods for your unique needs.

One great indication of an agency that is likely to perform well is one which is involved in industry conversations and hires experts that care deeply about their role. In such an evolving industry it is important that experts are constantly working to stay up to date, learn new tricks, and implement their knowledge to benefit you.

Finally, your prospective agencies should demonstrate an interest not just in doing the tasks you have set out for them but rather doing what is necessary to achieve your goals by going above and beyond your requests when necessary. They should spot issues and implement fixes quickly and without needing instruction.

By: Tyson Huggins

2 thoughts on “How to Select a PPC Agency”

  1. I’ve spoken with a lot of PPC companies, but the most important thing that you can actually do to your marketing campaign is landing pages. Most companies sell you 1 single thing such as web design, or just Google Ads, or just popups, or just retargeting etc. This is completely ludicrous because while 1 thing may make a difference in a stable marketing campaign, there is no single element that is a make or break element in online marketing, you need the entire package, and then hone/optimize from there. My business revenues increased by over 60% in two months once I picked a good agency that did more than just PPC, but also did my landing pages, retargeting, banner ads, etc. In fact, I’ve got Simon’s phone number right here, you can talk to him too. Just give him a call at 888-641-5026.

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