Tips for Better Converting PPC Landing Pages

Paid Search 29th, Oct 2013


Landing pages and the lead capture forms they usually include are two of the most important aspects of effective lead generation. By directing visitors to specially designed pages with higher conversion rates, webmasters are able to focus the attention of their prospects on the offer or product that is most likely to appeal. But how do we go about creating the perfect landing pages?

The most effective landing pages have a few things in common. For one thing, they all contain some basic, critical elements including:

  • A headline and brief description of the offer;

  • At least one supporting image;

  • Supporting elements such as privacy seals or certifications; and

  • A lead capture form to gather information about your visitors.

With so much competition on the market these days, you’ll want to stand out. Here are some great ways to improve your landing pages and increase your leads and conversions!

Remove the main navigation

The last thing you want your visitor to do is immediately leave the landing page before considering the offer, even if they are remaining on your website. Taking a tour of your website is a great way for them to get to know your business but first you’ll want to get their information and make contact. By removing the main navigation you help to prevent them from becoming distracted as easily. Once the prospect has submitted their contact information you can reward them with a thank you page that includes the main navigation to encourage them to take a look around and see why you are the best in your industry.

Match headline with call-to-action and description:

Be sure to keep your headings, calls-to-action, and description simple and direct. Don’t confuse or frustrate your prospects with hidden catches or contradictory language. If you are offering a free demo, include that in your title, meta description, offer description, and call-to action.

Avoid Clutter

Customers are easy to distract so include only the necessary elements on your landing pages. Clutter can also overwhelm and confuse visitors so opt for a clean, focused page with a simple and direct message. A good way to avoid unnecessary clutter is by keeping lead capture forms as short as possible. Each field added to a form means extra work and prospects confronted with a long form are likely to avoid anything that looks like work. Keep forms compact, direct, and simple. This can sometimes be hard to balance with the quality of leads provided. Depending on your industry, you may find that it is better to have a longer form that provides your company with a more coherent picture of your potential customer rather than simply collecting a bunch of email addresses from people who are unlikely to convert.

Emphasize value and benefits

Highlight the value and benefits of your offer not just the features. Consumers are drawn to a good deal and it can be a powerful incentive.

Encourage social sharing

While it may not seem like a crucial element, it is possible that some of your visitors will want to share your offer with a friend or family for whom it is a better fit. Make this easy for them by including the most common social platforms on your site. Monitor which social platforms are used and remove any links that are not to reduce the clutter but be sure to include an email option, especially if any aspects of your business may be considered personal or private matters.

Segment your leads

Tailor your landing pages to various segments of your targeted audience. By showing each group the elements they are most likely to be interested in, you can increase conversions and prevent bounces. Remember, more landing pages means more targeted content which means more opportunities for conversion.

Proof elements

Proof elements such as testimonials and customer logos are social proof that your company has something worth buying whether it be a product or a service. If you are collecting potentially sensitive information, always be sure to include certification seals and certifications to reassure your prospects. Many sites are also including a link to their privacy policy.

Hopefully you will find these tips helpful.

By: Tyler Shannon

1 thought on “Tips for Better Converting PPC Landing Pages”

  1. Keyword relevancy is one of the keys to success with Google Ads. While it may be tempting to include all sorts of keywords you can get your hands on, be aware that this is often the #1 mistake advertisers make when creating their first campaign. You only want prospects who “Need You Now” and are going to be motivated to contact your company, or purchase your services if they click your ad. People bid on the wrong keywords all the time and it hurts them big time. My company was losing an average of $0.67 per click until Simon over at RDM (his email is helped us get our ducks in a row with the campaign and now it makes $2.19 per click on average instead of -$0.67. If you speak with him let him know your a friend of Dean Jackson.

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