The Most Common Lead Generation Mistakes

Lead Management 13th, Mar 2017


If you’re driving traffic to your website or landing page but failing to generate leads, you could be making one – or many – common lead generation mistakes. Conversely, you might be generating plenty of leads only to have a small few or none convert.

Resolving these errors and creating a seamless sales funnel will help you to drive conversions and improve your bottom line. Tracking and measuring user data can help you to pinpoint errors in your digital marketing strategy and boost conversions.

Call-to-actions (CTAs)

An ineffective CTA will negatively impact your ability to generate leads. It’s crucial to test your CTAs to continuously improve the copy, colour and placement for better conversions.

  • Placement: Ensure your CTA is easy for the user to find. Your CTA should stand alone and be placed in the logical eyeline of the user.
  • Copy: The text on your CTA should be actionable and targeted to users at each stage of the sales funnel. Additionally, your offer should be relevant, compelling and clear.
  • Colour: The colour of your CTA should contrast the rest of the landing page. Red and orange are popular colour choices for CTAs, however it’s important to test and see which is most effective for you.

Lead forms

Lead forms offer an opportunity to capture user information to create highly targeted offers and move prospects through the sales funnel. However, there are some common mistakes marketers make when creating lead forms:

  • Improper placement: Keep your lead forms above the fold as this is where the user’s eye will nature wander.
  • Too many fields: Creating a time-consuming lead form will cause users to leave your page. Avoid asking for too much personal information – stick to simply asking for an email address and name, for example.
  • Poor design: Ensure that your form is in a box and stands out from the rest of the page in order to draw the attention of the user.


Failing to craft highly targeted content can significantly impact lead generation. Avoid writing content focused on the features of your product or service – instead, highlight the benefits of your product or service and discuss how it will improve the life of your target audience. Most importantly, ensure that your offer is clear, compelling and relevant.

All of these efforts, however, will be ineffective if you fail to track and measure data from your digital marketing campaigns. Pinpointing errors in your campaigns can help you to continuously improve your digital marketing strategy and generate leads.

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