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6 Top Metrics For Call Tracking

It’s crucial to track and measure data from your digital marketing campaigns – particularly for lead generation. But how do you qualify phone leads? Call tracking can help you to measure call data from your paid search campaigns, helping you to acquire information about a large chunk of your leads. You can leverage this data to drive more inbound calls to your business.

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By: 25 Apr 2017


5 Tips To Optimize Your PPC Campaign For Lead Generation

In order to achieve a high ROI on your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, you’ll need to generate high quality leads. Ad optimization tactics will vary for every account.

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By: 8 Apr 2017

The Most Common Lead Generation Mistakes

If you’re driving traffic to your website or landing page but failing to generate leads, you could be making one – or many – common lead generation mistakes.

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By: 13 Mar 2017

How Drip Marketing Can Help You Retain Customers And Generate Leads

Lead nurturing can be a demanding task – but automating this process with drip marketing can allow you to focus your efforts on perfecting all other aspects of your digital marketing strategy.

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By: 6 Mar 2017

Should You Send Leads To A Landing Page Or A Website?

Your landing page and website help you achieve different goals.

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By: 15 Feb 2017

How To Track And Measure Content Engagement

Content engagement can be difficult to quantify. But high content engagement can point to an increase in leads and conversions.

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By: 1 Feb 2017

How To Track Your ROI

If you invest time and resources into your digital marketing strategy, you’ll want to ensure you’re closely tracking your ROI.

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By: 20 Dec 2016
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