Phone Lead Tracking

Getting leads through phone calls?

AdLuge will help you to identify the marketing campaigns associated with phone numbers. Track everything from the date of the call, the conversion date, the call status, the duration, etc. You have options to listen to or download the tracked calls.


Once you’ve gathered data through call tracking, that’s only the first step. You’ll want to analyze that data in order to draw conclusions about your leads and to make informed decisions about your strategy.

Setting up a Phone Number

When launching a new marketing campaign, it’s important that there’s no lag time in setting up your new tracking phone number and getting it live. We have an online dashboard of new phone numbers – you simply choose one and you’re instantly ready to receive calls.

Local Phone Numbers

We have a wide selection of local phone numbers for call tracking. This gives you the option to select a number for your hometown or for numbers across the country – choose from more than 300 area codes.

Tracking Visitors & Keywords

Use call tracking to determine the campaigns, keywords, and landing pages that lead to the highest conversion rate and engagement. Follow the lead’s journey from the moment they first visit your site, right through to when they call in and any actions they take after the call.

Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamic Number Insertion assigns a tracking number to each visitor – this is an automated tool that helps you stay organized. It’s simple to install on your site. Add a snippet of JavaScript or a WordPress Plugin to your site and you’ll have tracking numbers for all your leads in no time.

Call Tracking for Individual Campaigns

Make the most of your call tracking by using it for all your online and offline campaigns. This includes paid search, direct mail, online advertising, TV, radio and print ads. This gives you the option to closely track the success of each campaign.

Phone Call Lead Tracking

Implement Actionable, Data-driven Improvements to Your Marketing Campaigns Based on Proven Results!

Marketing Performance Management

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