6 Top Metrics For Call Tracking

Digital Marketing Tracking 25th, Apr 2017


It’s crucial to track and measure data from your digital marketing campaigns – particularly for lead generation. But how do you qualify phone leads?

Call tracking can help you to measure call data from your paid search campaigns, helping you to acquire information about a large chunk of your leads. You can leverage this data to drive more inbound calls to your business.

As with any digital marketing strategy, there are several key metrics to track in order to determine the success of these leads – or calls.

  1. Call volume
    Tracking the sheer number of calls you receive might seem like a basic metric – but this will help you to analyse peak call periods. Additionally, you’ll be able to segment these calls from email or offline campaigns.
  2. Call length
    Typically, a longer call translates to a higher quality lead. Understanding which ads generated longer calls will help you to determine which keywords, ad copy and landing pages produce the most revenue.
  3. Call time and location
    Tracking call time and location can help you to properly adjust your bids and effectively leverage your Pay Per Click (PPC) budget. For example, If you only receive low quality leads in the afternoons, you’ll know to lower your bid for this time.
  4. Landing page
    Tracking form leads can offer an abundance of information – however, this shouldn’t be your only metric. Attributing the success of a landing page to filled out forms could lead you to miss out on the number of conversions that result from high quality phone leads. You can also determine which landing pages are generating the highest number of calls, which result in the most conversions and which generate the highest number of leads.
  5. Conversions
    In order to determine the effectiveness of your PPC ads, it’s crucial to track conversions. Determine which first-time callers eventually became customers. This data can help you to continuously improve results because you can choose to show or bid on the campaigns with the highest ROI.
  6. First time callers
    In order to properly segment your leads, track which callers are reaching out for the first time. This will help you to more easily move leads through the sales funnel.

Tracking and measuring campaign data is crucial to the success of your digital marketing strategy. All of the above metrics will help you to leverage call-tracking to get the most out of your PPC budget, boost conversions and improve your bottom line.

By: AdLuge

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