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Information is power: How to use marketing intelligence to drive business growth

Offline marketing research has been a major industry for almost a hundred years.  Effective online marketing research has only been possible for about a decade.  It’s not surprising that most companies lack the experience or the technology to conduct marketing research as effectively online and off. However, by the time we retire, fully offline business will be unusual.

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By: 20 Mar 2013


Tips to Hire the Right Marketing Agency

Hiring a marketing agency can lead to great opportunities for your company.

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By: 2 May 2013

Does your Website have AIDA? It Should!

A.I.D.A is an acronym in the marketing world that refers to Attention (or Awareness) , Interest, Desire, and Action. Its the process of generating leads and converting them into clients or customers.

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By: 7 May 2013

Inbound Marketing, and Why Your Business Needs to Do it

Trends in marketing strategy can sometimes seem to move at the speed of light. Just as you get on top of one, you’re already behind the next!

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By: 16 May 2013

5 Books to Motivate Your Sales Team

Need to attract, hire, and keep great salespeople?

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By: 13 Jun 2013

8 Online Marketing Buzzcronyms Buzzword/Acoronyms

In internet marketing, a conversion is when a visitor to a website takes any steps beyond just looking at the website.

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By: 3 Jul 2013

5 Takeaways From the Recent Custora Lead Generation Study

A recent study by Custora came up with some findings that show us the current state of online marketing.

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By: 11 Jul 2013
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