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Should You Send Leads To A Landing Page Or A Website?

Your landing page and website help you achieve different goals. If you’re running a paid search campaign, it’s important to understand which of these options will more effectively drive conversions. The value of driving users to a particular page is that you can target each stage of the buying cycle – awareness, consideration and decision-making.

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By: 15 Feb 2017


The Most Common Lead Generation Mistakes

If you’re driving traffic to your website or landing page but failing to generate leads, you could be making one – or many – common lead generation mistakes.

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By: 13 Mar 2017

Secrets of a Highly Successful Landing Page

There are two secrets to creating great landing pages: Stripping away the irrelevant flourishes and focusing on the fundamentals, and Monitoring the success of your landing pages For number...

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By: 10 Apr 2013

How To Use Phone Call Tracking to Improve Your Advertising ROI

Phone call Tracking is a relatively new technology, especially considering how long the phone has been a major medium of business.

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By: 16 Apr 2013

How To Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generating Machine

Every business owner should be required by law to write the following on their bathroom mirror: my website is a tool, not a billboard.

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By: 24 Apr 2013

Using Your Lead List to Drive Business Growth

Generating leads can be one of the toughest tasks for a business. It seems everywhere you look, new marketing ideas promise endless streams of leads, an outlet of limitless potential.

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By: 14 May 2013

Why Use Phone Call Tracking to Measure your Marketing

In a few sentences, the answer to this question is: Because it works. Because it's better than any solely online method. Because it's the future.

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By: 9 Jul 2013
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