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Using Your Lead List to Drive Business Growth

Generating leads can be one of the toughest tasks for a business. It seems everywhere you look, new marketing ideas promise endless streams of leads, an outlet of limitless potential. It’s evident that too many businesses focus their attention towards getting people to opt-in, but where does it go from there?

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By: 14 May 2013


Does your Website have AIDA? It Should!

A.I.D.A is an acronym in the marketing world that refers to Attention (or Awareness) , Interest, Desire, and Action. Its the process of generating leads and converting them into clients or customers.

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By: 7 May 2013

What Volume of Leads should Cosmetic Surgeons Expect?

Have you ever wondered how your cosmetic surgery practice compares to others? We have over 50 AdLuge users who are in the cosmetic surgery industry.

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By: 4 May 2013

Tips to Hire the Right Marketing Agency

Hiring a marketing agency can lead to great opportunities for your company.

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By: 2 May 2013

What is Evergreen Content? And How to Create It For Your Blog.

Evergreen content is content that will be just as useful or interesting to readers in a month, six months, or five years from now.

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By: 30 Apr 2013

The Only Internet Marketing Glossary You Will Ever Need (For Now)

FTP, CPC, cookies, quality score, RSS, conversion rate, googlebot, meta data, etc., etc.

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By: 25 Apr 2013

What Volumes of Online Leads Should Lawyers Expect?

Lawyers are some of our most loyal clients.

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By: 25 Apr 2013
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