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How To Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generating Machine

Every business owner should be required by law to write the following on their bathroom mirror: my website is a tool, not a billboard. Sure, having a nice-looking website can help make a sale, but the primary purpose of a website should always be functional. The function of every website is to give potential customers the information and tools necessary to make a purchase.

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By: 24 Apr 2013


How To Use Phone Call Tracking to Improve Your Advertising ROI

Phone call Tracking is a relatively new technology, especially considering how long the phone has been a major medium of business.

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By: 16 Apr 2013

Secrets of a Highly Successful Landing Page

There are two secrets to creating great landing pages: Stripping away the irrelevant flourishes and focusing on the fundamentals, and Monitoring the success of your landing pages For number...

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By: 10 Apr 2013

How to Lower your Bounce Rate

The problem with bounce rates is that they’re not actually a great way to measure website quality, but search engines and ad brokers think they are.

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By: 5 Apr 2013

Google Ads Trends for Cosmetic Surgeons 2013 04 02

AdLuge data provides our clients with an unbelievable amount of insight every day.

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By: 2 Apr 2013

How to measure your SEO performance

Launching a new website?  Learned SEO in a hurry?  Don’t know how to measure what works and what doesn’t?  You’ve come to the right place.

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By: 28 Mar 2013

How to Leverage your Email List with Facebook Lookalike Audiences

On March 19, Facebook announced a new targeting feature that automatically generates an advertising audience based on similarities (demographics, location, interests) to an existing email list.

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By: 27 Mar 2013
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